Urgent call to Filipinos in the US and those who know Filipinos in the US: Please help save Christine

I know I should be getting myself busy right now with writing the last of my exam papers this term, which is due tomorrow. However, after checking out the site Save Christine! (the link to which I got from a friend’s blog), I just feel I have to do this first…*

Christine Pechera is a young filmmaker, based in the U.S. She is only 33 years old, and yet she appears to have not much more time to spend on this Earth… She is currently battling cancer, and is in need of a bone marrow transplant for which she is in an urgent need to find a donor. Finding a donor for a bone marrow transplant is not an easy task: the donor’s marrow type should match that of the recipient’s, the chances being one out of 20000, the latter figure being the number of bone marrow types. This is further complicated by the fact that to ensure a perfect match, the donor and the recipient must necessarily come from the same ethnic background. Christine is Filipino, but contrary to what we might believe, this also poses as a problem for finding a suitable donor. Although the U.S. has in general a sizeable Filipino community, it turns out there are hardly any Filipinos in the U.S. National (donor) Registry…

The appeal to everyone is thus as follows:

    To all Filipinos residing in the U.S.: Please do not hesitate in becoming a donor—help save a life! [For more information on this matter, follow this linkhttp://christine.site.ph]

    To everyone else (Filipinos not in the U.S., non-Filipinos who know Filipinos in the U.S., etc…): Please help save Christine—contact your friends and relatives, esp. if they are in the U.S., tell them how they could help.

Please hurry! Each day that passes decreases Christine’s chances of surviving…


* Like Christine, I too, am Filipino… Like her, I too, am 33 years of age… I too, have many dreams I want fulfilled—many things I’d like to do before the end comes… Thus, I could really put myself in her shoes and know how it must feel… Watching the video of her personal appeal, I am not ashamed to admit, put tears into my eyes. I would have gladly filed an application to become a donor myself, but being thousands of miles away, I can only hope this post in some way can help in the effort to save her life.

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