Global Action for Zimbabwe*

As violence escalates due to President Mugabe’s ruthless efforts to stay in power and crush the opposition, hope fades for free and fair elections. The people of Zimbabwe are suffering from intimidation, torture and other horrific abuses such as rape and food deprivation.

This wave of political violence has taken a devastating human toll since the March 29th election, with over 200,000 people internally displaced, 86 opposition supporters killed, 10,000 people injured, and 500 women and girls sexually abused or raped.

Zimbabwe’s recent ban on international aid groups in the country has left up to half a million Zimbabwean children without health care and food. The Mugabe regime is distributing food mostly to its supporters and if the situation continues, it could lead to massive starvation.

Sign now to condemn the acts of violence occurring in Zimbabwe: urge the UN Security Council and Zimbabwe’s neighbors to do everything in their power to help put an end to the horrific bloodshed and to restore peace and the rule of law.

* Sponsored and original post by the Care2 petitionsite.

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