Help to stop cruel experiments on dogs in a university in Brazil*

the number of innocent victimsOn June 14th 2008 some Brazilian animal rights activists managed to enter in the dog pound of the Medicine department of the UFG University (Federal University of Goiás), Brazil, and they took some pictures of the animals and the conditions they were kept. As it can be seen by the attached photographs, the dogs were found eating each other, ill with mange and in agony, after having undergone vivisection.The dogs have been used for experients of vivisection several times, and then have been put back into the pound with their wounds still open. This practice goes against the Federal Brazilian Law, according to which the rights of animals are protected by the Law 9.605/98, code 32, which says: ‘To cause any sort of abuse, mistreatment, wounds or mutilation to wild animals or pets may be punished with jailing from 3 months to 1 year. The same penalty is valid for whoever makes painful or cruel experiments on live animals, even for learning or scientific purposes, when there are alternative methods.’

There have been many reports to the Public Ministry of the city of Goiânia (capital city of Goiás, Brazil) but all of them have been ignored.
The Rector of the university has denied any sort of mistreatments on dogs, but the pictures prove the contrary. The dogs come from the city dog pound: this proves the sad destiny which awaits the stray dogs of the city.

Please sign the petition at

* Original post and more details at the Care2 petitionsite.

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