Online protest against the trade in animal cruelty*

Millions of animals suffer and die in China for the global export. Join FOUR PAWS’ protest and demand obligatory animal welfare standards in the European trade.

In many fields of commercial animal husbandry, China is among the poorest performers in the world: the largest producer of rabbit meat, the market leader in breeding animals for fur, and the world’s second-biggest poultry producer; it also accounts for half of global egg and pork production. This causes unspeakable animal suffering due to the lack of animal welfare standards in China.

Investments from big companies are partly responsible for this cruel trade as a large amount of Chinese goods are produced for export to other countries.

The majority of consumers abhor cruelty to animals. In many European countries minimum legal standards protect animals against violence and cruelty. But animal products are increasingly imported from countries, where they have been produced under the most appalling circumstances.

Join our protest against this cruel trade and appeal for animal welfare standards in the European trade!

* Original text and picture from VIER PFOTEN Online-Petition. Please also visit FOUR PAWS International.

18 thoughts on “Online protest against the trade in animal cruelty*”

  1. This treatment of sentient animals leaves me beyond tears and I have difficulty in accepting that I am the same species as the muck that are torturing animals in this way. Rest assured, this will be the next massive battle ground for the animal rights activists to take part in and they only deserve our full support. Our full support, in every way, until the job is done. The very first step is to legislate in the area of animal protection to prohibit cruelty to animals. However, this is only to scratch the surfacteof what has to happen. Full animal liberation must be our goal. It has taken the west long enough to waken up, now, China must be made to waken up far quicker! We must do everything we can to help the growing animal rights activists in China

  2. When is the rest of the world going to impose sanctions on these monsters? It is other world powers that allow this kind of thing happening, if there is no market it will stop. Allowing the Olympics to be held in China was a mistake but the powers that be don’t give a damn, they only worry about their pockets. The day the rest of the world close their markets to China until they implement proper animal and human rights we will see a huge change. Come on Mr. Mbeki, show us your caliber, come on Mr. Bush show us how much you care about your fellow creatures, go on Mr. Smith this is your chance to shine …

    The list is endless!

  3. When will this stop ? Totally sick and inhumane .. and the world turns a blind eye, no boycots, no protest at the Olympics … not saying something or acting against .. the taker is as good as the one that steals… Make a difference.

  4. If China treats their people cruelly & have no human rights, what can be said about the way they treat their animals?! I can not help but hate the Eastern nations for what they do to poor, defenceless animals. They are evil & cruel to the core & I hope that they will one day feel the pain & suffering that they inflicted on the innocent. The Bible says that what you reap you will sow. I find it compelling that these countries are hit by so many natural disasters. Nature fights back. We may share this planet with other species of plant & animals, but we have NO right to abuse them.
    What on this planet don’t they eat?!?! Cats, dogs, cockroaches, sea stars, even aborted human babies!!! They are a sick nation with no compassion or concience. I do not watch the Olympic Games on TV, I will not support this cruel country & their oblivious government & people. Beijing should never have been considered for the Games. It makes me sick to think that these practices are accepted in this day & age. And yes, I’m a vegan & an animal activist. Stop the cruelty! Stop living in denial of what they’re doing.
    May God have mercy on their souls, because if it was up to me, they would rot in hell.
    Micky – South Africa

  5. Stop the torture and killing of our animals!!!I It is totally inhumanand in this day and age to have such acts of horrific abuse is shocking and to have them get away with such torture of animals is crazy.

    China – I have nothing but contempt for their miserable treatment of animals. They must be stopped from committing such terrible abuse on animals – they must be stopped – Cruelty of such epic proportions must come to the attention of other world leaders – they must be implored to stop China from abusing and killing our animals. World leaders must come down hard on China – put in laws and regulations and let’s do something about making China know that people do not condone what they do to animals – let them know our hatred of their terrible and cruel treatment of animals and that we won’t stand for it anymore!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I have 1 word for China…KARMA!!!!!!!!!

    We all know why the East has so many natural desasters….. Sad but true, pity it’s always the poor that come off second best tho, but that’s the way the world is!

  7. Asqus,

    No, I don’t think all of us are vegans here—I personally eat a balanced diet of both veggies and meat. However, that does not necessarily mean I am being hypocritical by posting the protest here. While I have nothing against consuming animal products, I am very much against the cruel practices the Chinese use to arrive at these products. There are humane ways of killing an animal before turning it into food or any other product—one can, for example, make sure that it dies quickly without suffering unnecessarily.

    Cheers 😉

  8. How can these unbelievable atrocities happen in this day and age! May God forgive us for what we are allowing to happen to these gentle, innocent precious creatures!

  9. It is an absolute disgrace and totally inhumane. However what can you expect from a nation that thrives on supression and cruelty.
    I have travelled to China and I loathe the time I spent there.

    The world needs to make China pay as how they treat animals is absolutely disgusting.

    Beijing should never even have been considered for the Olympic Games

  10. The bad conduct of China is now critical and we all need to take responsibility for this masacre by putting a stop to it.
    As a supposedly humane species we just have to stop China and boycot their evil deeds.

    No longer can this hell – house be allowed to exist. Turn a blind eye and you are just as guilty.

    Let us stand together and demand the laws for animal rights to be changed and prevent all this excruciating pain inflicted on our animals.

    Linda Delport
    South Africa

  11. Your country will continue to be plagued by earthquakes and every other form of disaster until you mend your ways and refrain from animal cruelty and human rights abuses!

  12. Do people forget ANIMALS and PLANTS were on this planet before humankind. Right- since when did God say to people ABUSE OUR ANIMALS. You animal killers, you are barbaric, there is no better word to describe you.


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