Please help Gracie…

Okay, I guess you all know by now that I have a very soft spot for all furry four-legged creatures—most especially companion pets in need. I have actually been a bit busy lately since the autumn semester started, what with the deadline for my thesis manuscript looming ominously this October… But when I saw this plea on the net, I just simply couldn’t turn my back and walk away (so to speak). Permit me thus to ask all of you out there to read on, and chip in (even $1 will be appreciated, I’m sure) or help in whatever way you can.


Gracie a 9 year old German Shepard was found in the hills of Tujunga California a very coyote infested area, dumped by an owner who obviously would not keep her with her medical condition.

After one week in rescue Gracie has been evaluated by a specialist and it seems she has DM or Degenerative Myelopathy.Gracie will never regain use of her back legs and as she gets older shecould lose all mobility. She also has a baseball size tumor on herfront body area that must be removed. She had a wheelchair but it didnot fit and was very painful for her.

So far we have raised $1100.00 we need more donations to help pay Gracie’s current medical bill of $700, Her upcoming tumor removal, boarding and Physical Therapy, a wheelchair that fits her properly and a 20 hour round trip transport to get her to her forever home with Critter Crossings Rescue Retirement.

Please help an old girl who just wants to be loved for whatever amount of time she has left.

* original text and picture from

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