Asia populated by migrations from Southeast Asia?

Dang! Does this mean I’d have to revise my thesis then?? 😐

Asia populated by Southeast Asian migration—study

reposted from The Philippine Daily Inquirer

SEOUL – Pan-Asian research on genetic data suggested that ancestors of modern-day Asians probably migrated from Southeast Asia into East and North Asia, researchers said Saturday.

The new study confirmed that Asia was populated primarily through a single migration from Southeast Asia, dismissing the theory that there were two major immigration waves including one through Central Asia.

According to the four-year study by researchers from 10 Asian countries and the United States, Asian ancestors probably settled in India before migrating to Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Philippines.

From there, one or more groups apparently traveled north to Northeast Asia, they said.

“The new study showed ancestors of Asian populations probably came east through Southeast Asia and further migrated northward,” Jong Bhak, the director of Theragen Bio Institute told Agence France-Presse.

Researchers found that genetic diversity among Asian populations increased from southern to northern latitudes.

The study, which drew scientists from 40 institutions in 11 countries, was carried out by an international consortium supported by the Human Genome Organization (HUGO).

HUGO is an international organization involved in a worldwide project to map the human genome.

The results of this “landmark” study in Asia were published in this week’s journal Science.

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