Our first day here in Nice… and since we don’t have any concrete ideas yet of what we should do the next fourteen days, we decided to follow what everyone else is doing– visit nearby Cannes.

Famous for the film festival held annually in May, Cannes was, unfortunately, a bit of a disappointment for me. Without the famed festival, the town seemed like just any other coastal village lying along the shores of the Mediterranean. Sure, there is always the long stretch of sandy beach and the marina where the rich (and sometimes also famous) have their yachts docked… But since I am neither a rich man nor a boat-owner, I must say the latter is not of much interest to me. The beach, on the other hand, was okay albeit a bit too windy for my taste– I’m actually not sure if the redness and the soreness on my shoulders and back were due to sunburn, or if they were the result of being sandblasted a couple of hours

Cannes has one saving grace though: l’Atelier Jean Luc Pelé. It is a chocolatier/patisserie located just a couple of hundred metres (or less) from the train station. I stumbled by it just by accident… And I must say, their macarons are divine– esp. the flavours cherry (çerise), raspberry (framboise) and coffee (café)

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