I love Nice!!!

Okay, perhaps it’s still too early to say for sure… But thus far, that’s exactly how I feel: I LOVE THIS PLACE!

I must admit though that at first, I was really skeptical when the hubby suggested this year’s summer holiday to be at the French Riviera. But now, I am really thankful he convinced me

I love the architecture, which reminds me more of Rome (my most favourite place to visit so far) than of Paris… I love the ambience– the unwitting combination of the old and the new. And here I must say that I don’t think I would ever get tired of exploring Vieux Nice, with it’s narrow streets lined with pubs, cafes and shops, both old and new.

Oh, did I also mention the city’s spectacular market? Located in the old town square, one can buy almost anything here. By day the place is a riot of colours from the various friuts, vegetables, flowers, and yes, all the different spices on sale. By night, the lively colours are replaced by the glitter of candlelights reflected from the jewelries and whatnots that have replaced the fruits and spices.

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