So far so good…

We just came from the hospital. I had to go through an early ultrasound today plus some bloodtests as part of an evaluation if I need to undergo amniocentesis. The tests are mandatory, since the risk for my baby having trisomy is somewhat higher at my age…

So far so good though– my attending doctor/sonographer said my baby’s measurements, esp. the nuchal translucency, are well within normal. Now we’ll just have to wait for the bloodtest results until Monday. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the pregnancy hormones in my blood are also within normal levels. I really don’t want to undergo amniocentesis, considering the procedure can lead to a miscarriage (albeit the chances are 1/2200).


Amniocentesis: an invasive process whereby a sample of amniotic fluid is extracted from the womb in order to aid in the detection of fetal abnormalities.

Trisomy: abnormality in which there is more than the normal number of chromosomes in a cell; the most common example is trisomy-21, a.k.a. Down syndrome.

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