Bienvenido a Gran Canaria

Finally, after 6 hours on the plane, we’ve arrived in warm and sunny Gran Canaria!! Well, at least I’m hoping it will be warm and sunny during our stay here– given my condition, I wasn’t at all sure how smart it is to travel out of the country. But then, this winter in Norway is a bit colder than usual and it did seem like it is going to stay that way for at least 6 more months, and I definitely did not want to spend all 9 months of my pregnancy in frigid temperatures… so we decided to escape towards warmer climes 🙂

All seems to be going well thus far. No cranky attendants at the check-in counters at Værnes, unlike the last time… and although we were two hours delayed from taking off, our pilot made up for the lost time so we still arrived at Las Palmas airport on schedule 🙂
The hotel we booked (Barcelo Margaritas) also looked very promising. We got one of the apartment suites with its own kitchen. The kitchen is quite small but adequate, since we only intended to use it to prepare breakfast (toast bread, fry bacon/sausages, fry/boil eggs); for the other meals, we prefer to try what the restaurants nearby have to offer 😉

Okay, enough blogging for now– have to go out and buy stuff for tomorrow’s breakfast (luckily, this place isn’t anything like Norway, where the grocery stores close from Saturday afternoon until Monday morning) 🙂

Below the scenery that greeted us at the hotel 🙂

Barcelo Margaritas

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