Almost there…

Ok. I know. The hubby has said it a thousand times. Lately I have been very much obsessed with being able to make that most finicky of all French baked goods– the almighty macaron 🙂 Yup, ever since I tasted my first macaron from l’Atelier Jean Luc Pelé in Cannes, it has become my obsession to learn how to make one myself…

And now, after a couple of cookbooks (which I had to order from, btw), several visits to several food blogs, and not to mention two attempts at baking macarons, after each of which I nearly lost the will to live… I’m finally almost there. My macarons aren’t perfect yet– they’re still a bit porous, they still lack the signature “feet”, and they’re still a bit flatter than what a proper macaron should be… but hey, even Rome wasn’t built in a day (or three, for that matter) 😉

macaron—almostChocolate macarons with espresso buttercream (3rd trial…)

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