What the f***?!?!

Pardon my English… I don’t usually like to use bad words in public, and most especially not when I’m writing my first entry after a long hiatus. But then I’m just about at the edge of my patience here. We’re at the international airport in Taipei, for what is supposed to be a short stop-over on our way to Manila. No, I’m not complaining about having to get off the plane, which happens to be the very same one we’re using for the final leg to Manila. I understand the necessity of changing crews after such a long flight, as well as the need to clean up inside the plane in case new passengers will come aboard. I’m not complaining either that we had to wait an hour and a half before reboarding, after all, it takes time to clean such a big plane (Boeing 777-300). I am, however, complaining about having to circle the entire airport to board at the very same gate and in the process, having to go through the same rigorous security check as in the previous two airports–and all these despite the fact that we were required to carry a blue transit card, which should have indicated that not only were we staying only briefly, but also quite obviously, that the luggage we were carrying were the same ones we had with us before boarding the plane at the previous airport and thus, have already been been thoroughly checked there!! I mean isn’t the security check at Schiphol good enough?! The only small comfort we had was that we didn’t have to take all the electronics out to be checked on separate trays. I do resent though that we’ve had to take a sleeping baby off her carrier, just so the hubby could take off his jacket for checking…

Two not-so-very-pleased passengers

Location:Taipei Shek airport

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