Not a good start…

Finally in Gran Canaria, on a much needed vacation from work. I must say though, that we were off on a rocky start this time around…

First, two hours into our six-hour long flight, the hubby noticed the flight attendants had already served virtually everyone around with food, and we are among the exceptions. When he asked one of the attendants why, we were given the answer that in-flight meals needed to be ordered in advance. Fair enough: Norwegian is a low-cost airline, and it’s no rocket science figuring out how they manage to cut down on air-fares. But then when we asked if it’s  possible to order our meal now that we are already on-board, she replied that it isn’t since there is no place for extra food on the plane. Really? We are on a Boeing 737, and there is NO room for extra food? I’ve been on much smaller Fokker planes, and they have more than enough space for meals for EVERYONE on-board! Whatever happened to having back-up plans for the odd passenger who forgot to order their in-flight meals in advance?? All she could offer us instead were three small portions of bread rolls. At least we got those for free.

Then when we arrived at our hotel destination, we find out that almost everything costs extra:

  • use of safety deposit box:  2,10€/day with 10€ deposit
  • remote control for TV:  10€ deposit
  • pool towels: 1€/towel with 10€ deposit
  • use of WiFi: 6€/day, 12€ for three days, or 18€/week (additional note: only one machine can be connected to the hotspot at any given time!)

We can only hope that things would only get better from here on… (and that they don’t send us information that we need to pay extra for sunshine too—right now, the weather forecast for tomorrow says cloudy with some thunderstorms)

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