Roller coaster second day

Just when I was starting to believe our string of bad luck ended with the dawning of a new day, something happens that proves otherwise. At this point I must first mention that, in addition to the mishap regarding in-flight meals yesterday, we also accidentally forgot a bag of duty-free items on the plane. Emphasis is on the “accidentally” part since the hubby would not have overlooked the bag if one of the flight attendants hadn’t placed a huge box of their own stuff right in front of it a half hour or so before we began landing. Anyway, we noticed it missing only when we were already here at the hotel—I thought all along that he had it in his backpack, and him, vice-versa. We called our tour agency right away to report the incident, and sure enough they said they will handle things right away. We felt rather assured that we would get the bag back either at the hotel here today, since they know every detail of our holiday, or on our flight back to Trondheim on Saturday… Then we received a call from the agency this morning, informing us that the bag is gone. Apparently, someone took it. Unbelievable! 😠 The hubby believes it could have been anyone on the plane, but I beg to differ. If the bag was hidden behind a huge box of one of the flight attendants’ own stuff, it is less likely any of the other passengers would have seen it and taken it, than if it is one of the attendants themselves who took it since they are always the last ones to leave the plane. Anyhow, for the time being we are giving whoever it is the benefit of the doubt, hoping that he/she took the bag for safekeeping and that it would somehow miraculously resurface on our flight back to Trondheim… If not, then we would just have to file a complaint with the airline management.

On the brighter side of things, the weather today didn’t turn out half as bad as yesterday’s forecast. On the contrary, we had 20°C with plenty of sunshine; so we got to spend the greater part of the day chilling out by the poolside with our little toddler. Hopefully, the next days would be the same, weather-wise, or even better 😉

The main pool

The pool right in front of our bungalow.

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