Now, that is UNFAIR…!

BIR ad

I just came across this picture posted in Facebook that I really find offensive. It’s an ad by the Philippines’ Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR), challenging Filipinos to file and pay their income tax properly and in time. The message means well enough, but do they really have to portray doctors as burdens to society who don’t pay the proper taxes??

I am not a doctor but a lot of my friends are, including my sister, so I do know for a fact that: (1) not all doctors earn tons of money, and (2) even for those that do, most pay the proper taxes. I’m saying most  here because there’s always that one person who is the exception… But hey, just because there’s one bad apple in an appletree doesn’t necessarily mean all apples from that tree are bad! Anyway, if you ask me, I think the BIR owes all doctors a huge apology—especially if they don’t want their employees to be suddenly slapped by excessively high doctors’ fees the next time they visit the clinic… Just kidding 😜  Seriously though, I really think the BIR owes doctors an apology, or at least replace those ads.

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