Dealing with parking idiots

The other day I came across this post from Viral Nova via Facebook. I was so amused by it that I shared it on my timeline, with the following comment:

God knows how irritating it is when you come into a jam packed parking place and find one car occupying more space than it should… Everytime that happens to me, it makes me want to scratch a looooong gash on the said car’s side using my car keys  (no, I would not attempt to bump said car with my own car—don’t want to damage my car unnecessarily 😈)

To which a friend of mine had the following reply:

BUT! sometimes it’s the one beside your car that was horribly parked first, and then that car leaves earlier so you’re the one who looks like you parked like an idiot.

And she does have a point there… which is why I said «it makes me want…»—I’ve never even considered ever actually doing it. I’m not that type of person, and I don’t think my conscience can take it. But I’ll tell you what I usually do:

  • If the offending car is parked like B in Figure 1 below, I just park right next to it anyway. It might be a bit of a squeeze for me to get out, but that’s one advantage of being small 😉
  • If the offender is parked like A (as in a**hole), then I just drive on and look someplace else to park. Thus far, this has always worked for me—I’ve always found alternative places to park. And if there ever comes a time that there is absolutely no parking space free elsewhere in the car park, I can always drive back to where car A is parked. If he’s still parked there, then I think I’ll just park right behind him like C in Figure 2—if he gets hemmed in, it serves him right for parking like a douche bag 😈
Park1Figure 1 (left) B= forgivable (albeit barely); A= unforgivable (read: A**HOLE)
Park2Figure 2 (left) Teaching the douche bag a lesson

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