Maja mais

Maja mais: first attempt

Maja maisYesterday I made my first attempt at making maja mais, one of the Philippines’ traditional desserts. I was inspired by my daughter—I need to wean her from eating too much ice cream and chocolate pudding. Since she loves corn, I thought maja mais is a logical alternative. I remember this dessert from when my aunt made it when I myself was still a child… Well, actually she made maja blanca, but it’s basically the same thing—you just add corn kernels, then it’s maja mais 😉

I found several recipes online, but decided to use the one by Vanjo Merano in Panlasang Pinoy, mainly because the ingredients are easy to acquire here. It’s not a bad recipe, but definitely needs some tweaking. It turned out being too sweet for my taste (what with using both sugar and condensed milk!) and less creamy than the ones I remember from my childhood. Right now, I’m considering either to drop the sugar since the condensed milk is already sweet to begin with, or replace the latter with coconut cream—which is a bit trickier to acquire here since they can be bought only at Asian shops, as opposed to coconut milk, which you can buy at all the grocery stores here.

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