Petition: Justice for Shadow Shot by Fort Worth Police with a Shotgun

It’s been a long while since I last re-posted a petition here, but the story behind this one is really heart-breaking… Please consider signing. No companion animal deserves to be shot for no apparent reason. 


Petition: Justice for Shadow Shot by Fort Worth Police with a Shotgun 

  • author: Lisa Broome
  • target: Texas State Congress and US Congress
  • signatures: 4,779

we’ve got 4,779 signatures, help us get to 10,000


Update #1 April 4, 2015

Lonnie and Robin have a Facebook site specific to this campaign: There is a video on YouTube from one of the FWPD officer’s body cam. WARNING: GRAPHIC, it shows Shadow being shot:



About this Petition

You hear about dogs being shot by police officers, but you never imagine it happening to your dog. That is the horror that happened to Lonnie Reynolds on February 5th, 2015. A homeless man, he was camped out in a wooded area, minding his own business. FWPD got a tip that he and Shadow were camping there, and that Shadow was loose. Instead of calling animal control, which was what they should have done, 3 officers with Fort Worth PD used stealth to approach his tent in which he and his 6 year old dog were napping. One second they heard “Fort Worth Police” then next “Hold that dog,” and then the fateful shot. Reynolds crawled out of his tent, unable to walk because his prosthetic leg was off in order to be more comfortable. Shadow had run off after being shot, but came back after hearing his Dad’s voice, and eventually, after 30-40 minutes, Reynolds was allowed to take Shadow to the vet. But the delay was the final straw… The vet told Reynolds and Shadow’s mom, Reynolds’ ex Robin Fairchild and her husband and Shadow’s step-dad James Fairchild, that his chances were poor. They chose the option that would cause the least suffering… Shadow was euthanized. Their fur child, their son, was dead.
Shadow’s parents want justice for Shadow; they want the officer who fired the shot to answer for his actions of excessive force and animal cruelty.  Supposedly, FWPD has animal training, but obviously it’s inadequate.They also would like the Texas Legislature to enact specific laws that will require mandatory training in how to handle dogs with non-lethal means, such as pepper spray and/or tasers. Ideally, they’d like US legislation to mandate such procedures be enacted nationwide. They are willing to take this to the US Supreme Court if need be. Let’s stop this wrongful, tragic killing of our best friends and fur children now!


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