Road courtesy and traffic safety…

It happened again to me this morning, this time while I was at work—someone cut me off while I was driving on the highway! I was driving at 70 kph (the speed limit) when this car on the left lane, barely 2 meters ahead of the van I was driving, decided to overtake without giving any signal! Unlike in the previous incident, however, this time around I was able to see the car’s make (a blue Volkswagen Golf/Polo) as well as its plate number. So, as soon as I was finished with my first delivery, I immediately sent an inquiry to Statens vegvesen as to who the vehicle’s registered owner is, and from there I was also able to search for the person’s mobile telephone number and thereafter, send her a text message.

No, I didn’t send any scathing remarks using tons of expletives… Instead, I sent her a polite reminder to be careful the next time she overtakes another vehicle as the way she did so this morning can lead to serious accidents. As it turns out, she is currently out-of-the-country and has loaned her car to someone else; she did promise though, that she’d forward my message to the person who loaned her car.

For the record: it is not illegal to overtake here in Norway… But there are guidelines on how you do it safely. Abruptly overtaking another vehicle without giving a signal (a.k.a. «cutting off») is not only rude, it is also very dangerous—most especially if the vehicle you are overtaking is both bigger and going faster than your vehicle.

In any case, I’m seriously considering purchasing a dashboard video camera… or loaning the hubby’s GoPro for the purpose 😁


IMG 3511b


[Me] Dear driver of car with plate number _______: please be more careful next time you overtake another vehicle at 70 kph—the way you did it this morning can lead to accidents!

[VW] Dear concerned fellow driver. I am currently in Amsterdam, but I will forward your concerns to the one who was driving the car. Thank you for your message.

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