Suspend BOTH their driver’s licenses!

This post is my two cents on a recent incident which happened at the Bonifacio Global City (BGC) in the Philippines involving two Toyota Fortuner SUVs and a pedestrian crossing the street.

Initial reports stated that Jecinta Coote was crossing the street on a pedestrian lane at BGC when she was violently hit by a speeding SUV which later ended up turned on its side a few meters from its victim.  Later on, Top Gear Philippines issued an errata stating that the overturned vehicle, driven by a certain Anne Alison Soriano, was not speeding, but was itself a victim of another vehicle (also an SUV) driven by a certain Rolando Manese and that it was this latter SUV which was speeding… Yet still later, in ABS-CBN’s TV Patrol coverage of the incident, they claimed that it was indeed the overturned SUV which was speeding but it was Manese who was driving it, and the second SUV was the one driven by Soriano. TV Patrol also got a copy of the cctv security footage of the accident and released it to the public:


My two cents on the whole story has nothing to do with which news media had the most accurate report, but rather, on who should be held liable for the accident. Many are quick to point to Mr. Manese, or whoever was driving the overturned SUV that hit Ms. Coote… But does that mean the other SUV driver, Ms. Soriano, is off the hook?

I don’t think so—at least, I don’t think she should be. Based from the cctv footage, they were BOTH speeding. An international rule-of-thumb: when you’re approaching an intersection, you are supposed to slow down, not speed up, particularly when the intersection is marked with pedestrian lanes/crossings. Neither of the two SUVs showed any signs of slowing down as they approached the intersection. Ms. Soriano was just «lucky» no pedestrians were crossing her path, or if there were, they were probably «saved» when she hit Mr. Manese’s SUV.

Yep, I really think they both should have their driver’s licenses suspended, if not totally revoked. In fact, I think they should also spend some time in jail. (I admit, I felt sorry when I read the police had to release them from custody because Ms. Coote’s family hasn’t filed any charges against them yet—I guess in the Philippines, recklessly endangering someone’s life is not a serious enough offense… 😒) 

*The video clip above is an excerpt taken from ABS-CBN News: TV Patrol

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