Hidden gem—Gdanski Bowke, Gdansk, Poland

Gdanski Bowke

Dlugie Pobrzeze 11, Gdansk, Poland
Rating:     ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️  ☺️

We discovered the Gdanski Bowke just by accident. After a bit of exploring along the banks of the Motława river, we were looking for a place where we could sit down and have a couple of drinks when we noticed a couple of people just leaving the Gdanski Bowke. Since every other restaurant seem to be full already, we decided to go in and take the recently vacant seats. I liked their rustic menu right away and there were a couple of dishes which caught my interest, but since it was still too early for dinner and too late for lunch, we ended up ordering only a half-liter of pilsen, a cocktail (called «Old Zephyr», one of their specialties/own-creations), and some small pancakes with apple and apple juice for our 4-year-old. The cocktail was good and the pancakes were as well (I ended up eating most of it, since our toddler isn’t exactly a big eater), so I suggested we come back sometime to get a real sampling of the food. We ended up returning the next day for dinner, and although they didn’t have the venison, which is what I wanted to order, the food we received was simply superb: their «piwo naturalne» is just as good as my favorite German «hefe-weißbier»; the appetizers consisting of traditional Polish terrines and pâtés were nothing short of delectable; and the roasted ribs with dumplings and sauerkraut was simply delicious.
In terms of service, there is very little, if any at all, to complain about. The waiter(s) were very friendly and attentive—they gave our toddler some crayons and a coloring book to keep occupied while we waited for our orders (at least during our first visit, since there wasn’t much of a waiting time during our second visit), and they ask if everything is to our liking. 
Perhaps the only downside with the Gdansk Bowke is its size—it could get really cramped, both inside and outside, during peak hours. It’s not a big deal though. If asked if I’d visit there again and if I’d recommend the restaurant to anyone visiting Gdansk, I’d definitely say «YES».

«Old Zephyr» 

«Piwo naturalne» 
Sailor's rarity

«Sailor’s rarity»: roasted ribs with dumplings and sauerkraut.

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