Kitchen nightmare: When macarons turn into paciencia…

This is by no means my first attempt at making macarons—I’ve made them a number of times in the past few years, and since that novice disaster from around 2011, I can say I have more or less mastered the art. Today, however, showed just how capricious this little French treat really is. I followed my tried and tested recipe, with one exception: instead of grinding and processing my own almond flour from blanched almonds, I used the fat-reduced almond flour I bought a few days ago. BAD CALL. Apparently, the flour’s higher fiber content meant that more liquid would have to be used, as well as an additional binding agent if the flour takes up more than 20% of all the ingredients—it said so in fine print on the package, which I failed to read until after my batter turned out pasty instead of glossy and flowing like it should be 😟 I tried to rectify the situation by doubling the quantity of eggs (meringue) and even adding some water—to no avail. The batter hardly formed a film even after hours of drying, and the resulting cookies did not form any «feet» while baking, and were quite flat. They still tasted quite good though—somewhat like the Filipino paciencia laced with amaretto 😋

Lesson learned: stay away from fat-reduced almond flour when making macarons! 😄

Failed macarons<< Today’s batch…



Lemon and raspberry macarons


What macarons should more or less look like… >>

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