Taking the plunge…

Katta bakes


After almost a year of deliberations, I’m finally grabbing the bull by the horns in following friends’ (the hubby included) suggestions on trying to earn some extra cash from my hobby (read as: obsession). Recently, I created a page on Facebook which I registered under the category «bakery». It’s more of a virtual bakery rather than an actual one though… The plan is to post freshly baked items (including quantity and price) available for sale, then those interested can send me a message (either as pm, e-mail, or sms); I will reserve the orders, then they could just pick it up or I could deliver them (subject to additional charge). In addition, the photos section contains pictures of items I have baked in the past and thus, serves as a portfolio of what I can bake. Interested parties can have a look around, then send me a message if they want to place orders. The same delivery options apply.

For the meantime, the site is called Katta bakes, but I’m open for suggestions if I should change it and to what 😉

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