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I'm sort of a wanderer and jack-of-all-trades. Originally from the Philippines, I now live in Norway with my husband, daughter and a rambunctious little cairn terrier.

Suman with coconut caramel sauce

Another favorite treat from my childhood—suman!

Suman is one of the traditional Filipino snacks. It is made of sweet glutinous rice, called malagkit, cooked with coconut milk, sugar and salt, then wrapped in banana leaves prior to further boiling in a water bath, or steaming in bamboo steamers. It is usually served with either (or both) ripe mangoes or sugar on the sides. In this recipe though, which is adapted from Lalaine of Kawaling Pinoy, it is served drizzled with coconut caramel sauce—a combination just as delicious (and addictive, in my opinion) as the traditional 😋


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On regrets…

Regrets? I’ve had them… quite a lot really. The thing with regrets is, everyone has them. Perhaps I’m just good at hiding them, even from myself. The most important thing though, is not to just hide them, but not to dwell on them. The best thing anyone can do when facing regrets is to collect one’s composure, try to learn from the experience, and just move on. Pretty much like a glass of spilled milk—it doesn’t get cleaned up and you don’t get another glass if you just bawl over it; you have to grab a mop, clean up, and get another glass yourself.