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Retire Lolita the Orca Whale

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Retire Lolita the Orca Whale

Charlie Crist, the Governor of the State of Florida, APHIS and the USDA
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Angie Rodriguez

Though a young and healthy adult at about age 36, Lolita is the oldest whale in captivity. She is kept in the oldest and smallest orca tank in the U.S. The owner was quoted in a tourist trade magazine saying: “We recognize that the facility needs a pretty major upgrade, some aspects of the facility are functionally obsolete.” As of May 2, 1998, however, the Florida State Legislature has said there will be no such upgrade. In January, 2002 the Seaquarium admitted they simply don’t have the cash to build a new whale stadium in the foreseeable future.

For the past 30 years, Lolita has performed reliably, entertaining visitors to the Miami Seaquarium with her power and grace. Lolita simply has no other choice but to do tricks. Trainers will deprive her of either food or attention and affection if she does not perform on cue. She is very intelligent, however, and tends to want to accommodate what is asked of her, so very little coercion is required. On occasion she has refused to perform, but fortunately for her mental health, those angry or depressed moods seem to be rare. This even temperament may be a clue to her astounding longevity in captivity.

Provided with good husbandry and medical care, she has proven to be exceptionally robust, outliving by over a decade all of the 44 other whales from her community that survived capture operations and were delivered to parks within three years of her capture. Nevertheless, by most accounts, one way or another Lolita’s performing days will come to an end soon, probably within a few years. Lolita is the oldest whale in captivity today.

The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) has objected to the Federal Government’s failure to enforce the Animal Welfare Act in regard to the small size of Lolita’s tank. In short, the minimum horizontal dimension should, by law, be at least 48′ wide in both directions. From the front wall to the wall that forms the barrier the pool is only 35′ wide. The USDA says the barrier “does not present a significant obstruction” for Lolita, as if she can simply swim through the wall. Orcas swim an average of 80 miles a day, the tank at the Miami Seaquarium is a mere 80′ x 73′. Lolita’s tank is not a reasonable habitat for a whale.

Her main problems have resulted from her solitary confinement and separation from her family, combined with a lack of normal physical activity and environmental stimulation. Lolita’s only orca friend is a children’s inflatable toy. Lolita is the last surviving killer whale in captivity from Washington State, and 23 of her relatives who were present with her at capture are still alive.

Trainers at the Seaquarium care for Lolita and try to give her companionship. She seems to enjoy their presence, but when compared to the 24-hour a day, lifetime company she could have with her real family, such playful moments are clearly insufficient.

Biologically and logistically she is an excellent candidate for return to her home waters to be retired in a monitored seapen in preparation for rejoining her family, but objections to her return by the park have so far prevented the move. It is important to note that even in the largest and most modern marine park facilities, survival for killer whales is significantly reduced.

Lolita is the oldest whale in captivity today. Only Corky, held at the San Diego Sea World was taken before Lolita and remains alive today. Lolita remains healthy, but orcas in tanks usually die of massive internal infections that prove lethal within a few days or hours of first detection. So courageous and yet so gentle, but how much longer can she stay alive in a concrete bowl?” – The Orca Network (

Justice for Tammy!

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Insert from the Daily Voice.


Help the SPCA with the prosecution of the owners who burnt Tammy alive!

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This insert was in the Daily Voice Newspaper telling of a Pit Bull named Tammy who was burnt to death by her owners!The owners wanted to punish her for jumping over the wall into their neighbors garden, so they fetched her and put her in her kennel and doused it with petrol and set it alight!!Tammy was only found a few days later by Animal Welfare workers who wept when they saw her. Tammy had sustained such severe burns to her legs, belly and face, she was also blinded by the fire.  The SPCA had to eauthenaze Tammy because she was just in too much pain.The heartless couple could face charges of jail up to a year and fines up to R 200 000. This is not enough for what they have done to this innoccent victim! We plead for the maximum possible punishment!

For every 500 signatures I receive I can send it to the SPCA for use in the prosecution of these people.

Tammy’s death will not go unseen, she is an ambassador for all pets around the world! PLEASE help me give these owners a taste of their own medicine?

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Please help Gracie…

Okay, I guess you all know by now that I have a very soft spot for all furry four-legged creatures—most especially companion pets in need. I have actually been a bit busy lately since the autumn semester started, what with the deadline for my thesis manuscript looming ominously this October… But when I saw this plea on the net, I just simply couldn’t turn my back and walk away (so to speak). Permit me thus to ask all of you out there to read on, and chip in (even $1 will be appreciated, I’m sure) or help in whatever way you can.


Gracie a 9 year old German Shepard was found in the hills of Tujunga California a very coyote infested area, dumped by an owner who obviously would not keep her with her medical condition.

After one week in rescue Gracie has been evaluated by a specialist and it seems she has DM or Degenerative Myelopathy.Gracie will never regain use of her back legs and as she gets older shecould lose all mobility. She also has a baseball size tumor on herfront body area that must be removed. She had a wheelchair but it didnot fit and was very painful for her.

So far we have raised $1100.00 we need more donations to help pay Gracie’s current medical bill of $700, Her upcoming tumor removal, boarding and Physical Therapy, a wheelchair that fits her properly and a 20 hour round trip transport to get her to her forever home with Critter Crossings Rescue Retirement.

Please help an old girl who just wants to be loved for whatever amount of time she has left.

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