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Review: Duncan Hines red velvet cupcakes

I don’t usually buy ready-made mixes when I know I can make things from scratch, but there are times when one has to make some exceptions 😁 I have heard so much about the Duncan Hines cake mixes (mostly from my fellow Pinteresters), I became rally curious… Curious enough that, when I saw a lady with several boxes of Duncan Hines cake mixes in her shopping cart during our recent trip to the Philippines, I decided to buy two boxes for myself and take them back here to try out for myself.* I bought a box of the Red velvet cupcake mix and another of the Devil’s food cake mix.

* At this point, I must mention that Duncan Hines cake mixes are among the brands that are not available in Norwegian grocery stores. Also, I wasn’t able to do any baking at all while in the Philippines because the oven in my Mom’s place is kaputt—found out only after I tried making macarons for my sister (yep, I prepared batter for 24 macaron shells only to chuck them in the bin afterwards 😞). So, the cake mix testing had to wait until after I’m back here in Norway…

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