Macaron fail #2: Wrinkly macarons

Feeling more than a bit sheepish right now… 😅

After doing the full nine yards of macaron-making, my heart sank when I noticed wrinkles were forming while I was baking them. I was almost racking my brains out trying to figure out what went wrong—humidity too high? Nope, humidity is at the usual 40-50%. Over-mixing? Nope, in fact, the batter was a bit under-mixed. Then as I was sitting down, consigned to believe it was just one of those days, I saw the answer staring me right in the face: there on the package of the cashew nuts I ground for the TPT stood the phrase «røstet i rapsolje» (roasted in canola oil) 😂

Oh well… I can try again tomorrow. In the meantime, soft and chewy peanut-cashew cookies, anyone?


wrinkly macarons


Blueberry cheesecake macarons

Trial #5 of my foray into Italian meringue-based macarons: blueberry macarons filled with blueberry cream cheese buttercream. I finally got the macaron consistency that I am quite happy with. They’re not perfect yet—some still have air pockets between the feet and the cap, but that’s because I have been too cautious about over-folding during macaronage that I actually under-folded and didn’t knock enough air out of the batter. Hopefully I’ll finally nail it in my next try 😊



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