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Asian-inspired flavors: Black sesame macarons

Number 2 in my Asian-inspired macaron flavors series.

One of our most recent discoveries while visiting the Philippines last month was the newly opened Omakase Japanese restaurant along Holy Spirit Drive in Don Antonio Heights, Quezon City. They have amazing food, but for a sweet-toothed individual like myself, the stand-out was their black sesame ice cream. I was so impressed with the flavor that I was inspired to try translate it into macaron form. I wasn’t sure if an all-black-sesame meal/flour would work, so in this version I used a half-and-half mixture of almond flour and ground black sesame. For the filling, I used a semi-sweet chocolate ganache infused with black sesame and vanilla powder although a white chocolate-based ganache could also work—perhaps, I’ll try it some other time with 100% black sesame macaron shells, just for the color combination 😉


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