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Mocha-chocolate cake with macarons

Pardon my long absence… ☺️ Since starting Katta’s macarons & more, I have been more than a bit pre-occupied 😅

Anyway, I’m sharing here my favourite and what is, thus far, my best-selling cake—Mocha-chocolate cake topped with macarons 😋🎂


Mocha chocolate cake with espresso macarons II


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Caramel macchiato macarons

Trial #4 of my foray into Italian meringue-based macarons: caramel macchiato macarons—espresso macarons filled with latte macchiato french buttercream with salted caramel sauce in the center. This is actually my second batch… I dare not post photos of the first one because they ended up looking hideous: my timing was off in heating the sugar syrup and adding it to the egg whites to make the meringue, as well as overbeating the batter a wee bit; the result were flat macarons with thick lips instead of tiny feet (still tasted good though). This batch is a bit better, but not perfect. This time around, my trusted Kenwood Chef A701A (aka Kenny) died while I was in the midst of making the meringue, so I had to continue using a hand mixer instead. The resulting meringue was not as thick and stiff as it should be, which may have affected the resulting macarons.*

the batter was already a bit runny in the beginning, so some of the macarons had air pockets under the caps. The air pockets could also be the result of poor meringue that collapsed during baking. LESSON: hand mixers are great when making French meringue, but not when making Italian meringue.



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