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‘World’s Poorest President’ Explains Why We Should Kick Rich People Out Of Politics

Found the link on Facebook, as part of a comment on a post regarding the Philippine elections this coming May… I just thought it is THE article anyone in the US should read if they are thinking of voting Donald Trump simply because of his wealth and supposed achievements.

Openhearted Rebellion


After five years in power, the man described as the “world’s most humble president” has stepped down from office in Uruguay in 2015. Jose “Pepe” Mujica, who leaves with approval ratings of nearly 70 per cent, is a real person with real advice for leading a nation.

By Roque Planas, HuffingtonPost, Waking Times (Thanks to Earth We Are One)

People who like money too much ought to be kicked out of politics, Uruguayan President José Mujica told CNN en Español in an interview posted online Wednesday.

“We invented this thing called representative democracy, where we say the majority is who decides,” Mujica said in the interview. “So it seems to me that we [heads of state] should live like the majority and not like the minority.”

Dubbed the “World’s Poorest President” in a widely circulated BBC piece from 2012, Mujica reportedly donates 90 percent of his salary to…

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