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Suman with coconut caramel sauce

Another favorite treat from my childhood—suman!

Suman is one of the traditional Filipino snacks. It is made of sweet glutinous rice, called malagkit, cooked with coconut milk, sugar and salt, then wrapped in banana leaves prior to further boiling in a water bath, or steaming in bamboo steamers. It is usually served with either (or both) ripe mangoes or sugar on the sides. In this recipe though, which is adapted from Lalaine of Kawaling Pinoy, it is served drizzled with coconut caramel sauce—a combination just as delicious (and addictive, in my opinion) as the traditional 😋


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Bibingkang malagkit II

Another, more complicated version of how to make one of my favorite Filipino kakanin, the bibingkang malagkit. This version uses both coconut cream and coconut milk—the former being used to make the topping, while the latter is used in making the glutinous rice base (biko). The coconut cream, which is a lot thicker in consistency than coconut milk, makes the topping thicker and creamier in consistency than when only coconut milk is used.

Bibingkang malagkit is usually baked in single round, square, or rectangular pans lined with greased banana leaves, then cut into serving size squares after they have cooled… However, in an attempt to save time and omit the cutting process, I baked it here using pans for standard-sized muffins 😅 And since banana leaves are hard to come by here, I also used cupcake liners to line the pans. If you are going to follow suit, I suggest you grease the bottom AND the sides of your cupcake liners as the topping tends to stick once cooled. (Unless of course, you are either prepared to spend a considerable amount of time trying to peel them off of each cake, or you enjoy seeing the guests you are serving them to struggle to peel them off 😇)

Lastly, bibingkang malagkit is best enjoyed with a cup of coffee or tea ☕😊👍

Bibingkang malagkit


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Brazo de Mercedes cupcakes

I DID IT!!! 😄

I have been wanting to do this for the longest time… And now I finally did it!! I finally baked one of my favorite desserts back in the Philippines—Brazo de Mercedes! 😋

Well, I know it’s not exactly in its traditional roulade form… But I didn’t want to risk going through the excruciating pain of seeing the meringue break whilst I try to roll it, so… Cupcake it is 😁


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