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Tocino—simple but good

I was always a picky eater while I was growing up. In fact, one of my Mom’s constant frustration then was finding food I actually like eating… One of those dishes that made it to my very short list of favorites at that time was tocino.

Tocino is a sweet cured meat dish that is traditionally served as either breakfast or brunch, but can also be served during dinner. It is often made using pork, although chicken and, more rarely, beef can also be used.

During my childhood, my Mom used to buy the tocino already prepared and ready to cook. So, I always thought that it was a dish that was quite difficult to prepare. I recently found out, though, that such is not the case. The ingredients were pretty easy to find in any grocery store and the curing procedure itself was also simple, although it could get a little time-consuming.

Below is my first attempt at my own home-made pork tocino—still one of my favorite dishes today.

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Lumpiang Shanghai

Yesterday was the annual Summerfest at the daycare my little daughter goes to. As was the custom, each child’s parents were asked to bring food that will be shared with the other attendees—potluck, in short. Since we were notified beforehand that we are not allowed to bring cakes (gasp! 😱), I thought of bringing a dish that was always popular in Filipino gatherings: lumpiang Shanghai.

The recipe I used is based on LILQTPINAY23’s recipe at allrecipes.com, with my own twist. The dish was so well received (all 102 pieces I brought with me were gone in less than 10 minutes!) that I’m considering doubling the quantity next time 😉

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