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Asian-inspired flavors: Kopi Luwak macarons

Finally, here’s number 5 of my Asian-inspired macaron flavors series: Kopi Luwak macarons with Kopi Luwak ganache. This one is inspired by this year’s trip to Bali, Indonesia. Besides the Ulun Danu temple (a.k.a. Bedugul temple) on Lake Bratan in Bedugul, the island is known for the very exclusive Kopi Luwak.


Pura Ulun DanuPura Ulun Danu, Danao Bratan, Bedugul, Bali, Indonesia.

Kopi Luwak is a type of coffee produced from beans that have been digested by the palm civet. This unique production procedure is what makes it the most expensive coffee in the world, fetching as much as $100 per cup.* Taste-wise, Kopi Luwak is also quite unlike any cup of coffee—it is «smoother» in a sense, and has considerably less of the bitter after-taste usually associated with regular coffee.

* Needless to say, this might be my first and last attempt translating this coffee drink into macaron form. Apart from the cost, the taste might not exactly be favored by your typical coffee aficionados 😅



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